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The Best English Wines to Buy Now

What is the best way to buy English wine? English wine is local, sustainable, and delicious, yet 99% of wine we drink in the UK is still imported.

To make it easier to buy English wine, we created Marasby – a platform where you can discover, learn about, and buy English wine direct from the winemaker, at the same prices available at the vineyard gate.

To find out how we created Marasby to be the best place to buy English wines, and get Marasby recommendations for the best English wines to try right now, read on!

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Buying the Best English Wine

One of the most exciting things about buying English wine is the incredible diversity of wine styles now being produced in this country. The UK is one of the historic centres of the world wine trade, and so in this country we’re well used to being able to choose from a huge variety of different grapes and flavours in our wines.

The English wine industry is very aware of this, which is why despite our cooler climate, you can now buy English wines that suit every nose and palate!

If you’re ready to start buying English wine online right away, you can go straight to Marasby Market, where you can buy the UK’s widest range of English wines direct from the winemaker, at the same prices available at the vineyard gate.

Why Buy English Wine via Marasby?

Marasby helps you to discover and learn about the best English wines, and then connects you to buy direct from the winemaker themselves, at the same prices available at the vineyard gate.

By buying English wine direct from the winemaker, you get the fairest price on the wines you buy, and the winemakers don’t have to give away so much of their earnings to middlemen.

Plus, buying English wine direct cuts down on unnecessary packaging and delivery miles, which is why Marasby is better for people, better for producers, and better for the planet!

English Wine and Food:

One of the best things about drinking English wine is how well the wines go with the seasonal foods now being grown in the UK. On Marasby you can easily discover recommendations for English wines that go with the locally-grown ingredients available during each month of the year.

What Are the Best English Wines to Buy on Marasby Market?

If you’re looking to buy the best English wines, there’s a huge range on Marasby Market. English winemakers who list their wines on the marketplace include big producers from Kent, Sussex and Hampshire, who specialist in English sparkling wines made in the traditional method – what some people call English Champagne.

If you’re looking to buy the best English sparkling wines, you can find our recommendations below.

While England is best known for its sparkling wines, its still wines too have emerged as world class in the last few years. On Marasby Market, you can find incredible English Chardonnay and Pinot Noir from places like Suffolk and Essex, as well as English wines made from lesser-known grapes that thrive in England’s cool climate.

Our recommendations for the best English still wines can be found below.

English Wine Tasting Grace

Best English Wines to Buy

English Sparkling Wines

English Sparkling Wine is now rated as one of the world’s great wine styles. The best of these are sometimes referred to as ‘English Champagne’, because these English sparkling wines are made in the same ‘traditional method’ made famous by the Champagne region in France.

However, at Marasby we think that English sparkling wines are even more delicious than Champagnes – and compared like for like, they’re usually better value!

While you can find a small English sparkling wine selection in most larger supermarkets these days, the English selection will typically come from a small number of England’s biggest producers. If you want to go beyond these and discover some of England’s best sparkling wines, here are five of our favourites:

Best English Wines to Buy

English Still Wines

England has established a world-class reputation for its Champagne-beating sparkling wines, yet in the last few vintages, it has begun to emerge as the world’s most exciting cool-climate region for still wines too.

You might have heard about England’s chalky soils, but in fact many of the best places for growing English still white, red and rosé wines don’t have any chalky soil at all – places like the Crouch Valley in Essex, and the Stour Valley in Suffolk.

Many of the smaller English still wine producers make just a few thousand bottles a year – far too small a production to supply the supermarkets. That’s why it’s best to discover them on Marasby, and then buy on Marasby Market direct from the winemaker at the same price at the vineyard gate.

Here are a few of our favourite English still wines:

English White Wines:

English Rosé Wines:

English Red Wines:

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