Marasby cofounders Talya Roberson and Simon Huntington

About Us

Hi there!

We’re Talya Roberson and Simon Huntington.

We set up Marasby because the UK is the world’s most exciting cool-climate wine region.

Yet 99% of the wine we drink here is still imported.

Join Marasby, and help us to grow the 1%.

Before Marasby, we worked together as Commercial Director and Managing Director at a major wine importer known for its American wine specialism. Under our tenure, the company won USA Specialist Importer of the Year 7 years running.

We wanted to take everything we learnt building this specialism and apply it to building the profile of our own amazing, emerging, home-grown industry.

So, where does the name ‘Marasby’ come from? It’s named after Talya’s three daughters: Margot, Astrid, and Blythe.

About Marasby mussels with English white wine

The Marasby Team

About Us Marasby co founder Talya Roberson


I love cooking, eating great food and drinking exceptional wine with friends and family. In the summer of 2022, I only ate and drank UK produce and it blew my tastebuds away. Since then about 85% of what I eat and drink is grown locally. There’s a quality and taste revolution happening in the UK food and wine scene, come and join us and let’s discover British delicious together.


Hello. I’m the resident wine geek. When I first got into wine, Pinot and Chardonnay meant red and white Burgundy and maybe – just maybe – a cheeky bottle from California.
Yet there’s now no better cool-climate region in which to grow grapes, including Pinot and Chardonnay, than here in the UK. I want everyone to be just as excited by our local, sustainable and delicious English and Welsh wines as I am.