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If you want to buy English Sparkling Wine, then you’ll find Marasby Market has the widest selection of English Sparkling Wines available to buy direct from England’s best winemakers, at the same prices available at the vineyard.

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The Best English Sparkling Wines

England has a repuation for making world-class sparkling wines.  Multiple producers have numerous national and international awards. English Sparkling Wine is poured at big sporting events such as Wimbledon. And perhaps the best validation of all, several Champagne houses have bought land in the UK to make English Sparkling Wine.  Tattinger and Louis Pommery will be releasing wines from their own fruit in early 2024 and late 2023 respectively.

Marasby has 40 of England’s best winemakers listing their English Sparkling wines on Marasby Market, and all these are available to buy direct at vineyard gate prices.

Classic Cuvée

A Classic Cuvée is a blend of grapes, most usually,  Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier in varying proportions. It is often seen as a producer’s benchmark sparkling wine and is usually the least expensive in their range.

You’ll find recommendations for English Sparkling Classic Cuvées available to buy on Marasby Market below.

English Blanc de Blancs

Literally translated from French it means white of white. Ie white wine from white (green) grapes.  Most commonly Chardonnay, although some other varietals are permitted. These English Sparkling Wines tend to be crisp, pure and refreshing.

If you’re looking to buy English Blanc de Blancs we’ve recommended some of the best below.

English Blanc de Noirs

Literally translated from French it means white of black. ie white wine from black (and red) grapes. Most commonly Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. These English Sparkling Wines tend to have a little more oomph and are often bolder and richer.

Many English Sparkling Rosés are made from the Pinots, although of course they are not Blanc de Noirs as the wine is pink.

Unusual English Sparkling Wines

English Sparkling Wine must be made in the traditional method which is the same way as Champagne is made. For more on that, read Simon’s guide 11 things to know when buying English wine.

If you want to buy an unusual English Sparkling Wine there is a small, but exciting group of producers who are experimenting with different techniques. We’ve recommended a few below including some Pet Nats and a Charmat.

Why Buy English Sparkling Wine on Marasby Market?

Choosing to buy English Sparkling Wine on Marasby, direct from the winemaker, means that you are guaranteed the fairest price on the wines you buy, and by selling direct to you, winemakers don’t have to give away most of their earnings to middlemen.

Most importantly from a sustainability point of view, buying English Sparkling Wine direct cuts down on unnecessary packaging and delivery miles – so Marasby is better for you, better for producers, and better for the planet.

Luke Spalding with a bottle of Everflyht

Best English Sparkling Wines

Classic Cuvée

Gusbourne Blanc de Noirs 2019

Best English Sparkling Wines

Blanc de Noirs

English Sparkling Wine made from black grapes for a rich and rounded glass of fizz.  This is generally harder to find than Blanc de Blancs.

Gusbourne Blanc de Noirs 2019 £65

Yotes Court Blanc de Noir 2022