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If you want to buy English white wine, then you’ll find Marasby Market has the widest selection of English white wines available to buy direct from England’s best winemakers, at the same prices available at the vineyard gate.

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The Best English White Wines

While England has become best known for its world-class sparkling wines, there is now a huge range of delicious English white wines being made too, and these are also starting to pick up awards internationally for quality and value.

Marasby has 40 of England’s best winemakers listing their white wines on Marasby Market, and all these are available to buy direct at vineyard gate prices.

Aromatic English White Wines

Since England is a cool-climate wine region, the majority of English white wines tend to be fresh, crisp and aromatic in style. Zingy, aromatic English white wines like Bacchus and Pinot Gris tend to go brilliantly with English vegetables like asparagus and English-grown herbs like tarragon, parsley and chives.

The Bacchus grape has become a signature grape for those looking to buy English white wine, with vibrant, zingy fruit that reminds many people of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

You’ll find recommendations for aromatic English white wines available to buy on Marasby Market below.

English Chardonnay

Producers in the eastern regions of Kent, Essex and Suffolk are now successfully ripening Chardonnay, and making English white wines in the style of white Burgundy, with rounded fruit and subtle oak-aged character. Lighter English Chardonnays can be similar in style to Chablis, and these partner brilliantly with oysters and white fish, while you can partner richer Chardonnays with British cheeses. One of our to-die-for pairings is English Chardonnay with Baron Bigod, an English brie-style soft cheese.

If you’re looking to buy English white wine made from the Chardonnay grape, we’ve recommended some of the best below.

Unusual English White Wines

If you want to buy an unusual English white wine, there are some brilliant blancs de noirs – white wines made from black grapes like Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier.

In warmer climates, these wines can be too fruity and lack refreshing acidity. With English white wine’s naturally brisk acidity, here these English white wines made from black grapes work brilliantly and have become something of a USP. If you want to buy English white wine with a difference, we have a superb range recommended below.

Why Buy English White Wine on Marasby Market?

Choosing to buy English white wine on Marasby, direct from the winemaker, means that you are guaranteed the fairest price on the wines you buy, and by selling direct to you, winemakers don’t have to give away most of their earnings to middlemen.

Most importantly from a sustainability point of view, buying English white wine direct cuts down on unnecessary packaging and delivery miles – so Marasby is better for you, better for producers, and better for the planet.

English Wine Tasting Grace

Best English White Wines

Aromatic English White Wines


Looking for England’s signature grape? Here our our English Bacchus recommendations:

Pinot Gris

Many English white winemakers are getting increasingly exciting about Pinot Gris. Here are three of the best:

Best English White Wines

English Chardonnay

Chablis-style English Chardonnay

If you like a crisper, drier style of English Chardonnay to pair with seafood, here are our recommendations:

Richer English Chardonnay

If you prefer richer, more texture Chardonnay, pick up one of these:

English Wine Tasting man examining bottle

Best English White Wines

Unusual English White Wines

Some of England’s most distinctive white wines are made from black grapes. Here are our recommedations for this unusual style: