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Marasby co founder Simon Huntington with a bottle of Exton Park Rose English sparkling wine from Hampshire

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Exton Park

The secret to perfection is patience.
“We’ve spent ten years on a journey of innovation, and our Reserve Blends are a direct product of that journey.”

English Sparkling Wine is a long game, by anyone’s reckoning. Especially in a new wine region like the UK where it can take 8 years from first planting to sale.

And at Exton Park they have more patience than most. Not content with planting 60 acres of vines on prime chalk slopes, they have spent a decade of development and testing to create their signature style.

Each year after the annual harvest, the team led by winemaker Corinne Seely comes together to begin the delicate science of making Exton Park English Sparkling Wine. In their gleaming labyrinth of small-batch tanks, designed by Corinne, they house their library of reserve wines. These have been curated with care since 2011 and are used to compose blends from a huge variety of flavours captured from across the vineyard each year.

This is a unique approach to winemaking and their Reserve Blends are some of the most respected and sought after wines in the UK.

Napa Valley

In the heart of Hampshire

Exton Park has state of the art tasting rooms that resemble some of the finest in California. Yet it also has a wonderfully modern British design elegance. Every bottle of wine is grown, made and bottled on site. This enables Exton Park to have complete control over every process and deliver outstanding quality year after year.

"Creating imaginative and unexpected wines that flourish out of an English climate."

Exton Park English Sparkling Wine vineyard in Hampshire

The Exton Park single vineyard is planted on distinctive Hampshire chalky soil, just outside the village of Exton and has nine distinct plots. Each is planted at a different altitude and aspect, offering exceptional flavour variation in the grapes. And come harvest, only the ripest fruit is selected and swiftly transported to the purpose-built winery at the top of vineyard. There they are pressed plot by plot to retain the distinctive flavours. And stored carefully, waiting for their moment to become part of the RB range.Exton Park is a founding member of Wine GB Sustainable Wines and it’s woven into their daily practice.  Their grapes travel just a few meters to the vineyard – so when say low road miles – we really do mean low.

They use the most natural methods possible, plant wildflowers, grasses and cover crops and meticulously hand-prune all their 120,000 vines. Much of the energy they use is offset by solar power.

Exton Park is one of the few estate grown and bottled sparkling wine producers in Hampshire. Their wines are full of character and elegance. And a wonderful example of the “imaginative and unexpected wines that flourish out of an English climate.”

If you love Pinot Noir dominated Champagne, like Bolinger try this.

Although this is only the loosest of comparisons as RB 32 is unlike anything you’ll have tasted before.

This fresh, elegant and versatile wine makes an ideal accompaniment to sweet and savoury dishes. Its delicate citrus notes pair perfectly with smoked trout, white meats or even a light Victoria sponge cake. Its minerality makes it superb with seafood.

Exton Park RB32 English Sparkling Wine from Hampshire

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