English Sparkling Wine and eggs food pairing for easter

English Sparkling Wine And Eggs For Easter

Pair English Sparkling Wine with eggs this Easter for a burst of seasonal flavour.  

If you are stuck for inspiration this Easter, try our 3 Easter egg dishes. Picked to reflect the season and pair beautifully with English Sparkling Wine, you may never want a chocolate Easter egg again.

Why We Eat Eggs At Easter

Easter is the most important date in the Christian calendar. And an important part of Easter celebrations is the giving and receiving of eggs.  This is because the egg symbolises rebirth and new life and this ancient tradition can be traced back to Medieval times. In those days, it was forbidden to eat eggs during Lent. As such gifting and eating eggs after 40 days of abstinence was a real treat. We are of course talking about real eggs here, most often hard boiled. Interestingly, the tradition of painting and decorating Easter eggs in English history dates as far back as the late 1200s. The first chocolate Easter egg made in the UK came much later. It was exactly 150 years ago that Fry’s launched theirs on the market and they were quickly followed by Cadbury’s.

As eggs are such an important part of Easter, past and present, we decided to put our own twist on the tradition. We pair English Sparkling Wine and eggs for Easter. And the only foil in sight will be from the bottle.

English Sparkling Wine and Eggs Benedict for Easter

Eggs Benedict and English Sparkling Wine

Simple to make and delicious to eat this dish is great for Easter weekend brunch or supper. Good quality runny eggs are essential, but the rest is up to you. Keep it traditional with English muffins, hollandaise sauce, and bacon. Go for Eggs Royal with a slice of smoked salmon. Or give it a vegetarian twist with sourdough, cheese sauce and garlicy English greens. Whichever way you like it, eggs benedict is the perfect food pairing with English Sparkling Wine.  This is because there is an “umami synergy” between the two. The brioche notes in the fizz enhance the savoury intensity of classic combinations such as cheese and ham or bacon and eggs.  The older the vintage of English Sparkling Wine the greater the intensity of flavours.

Scotch Quail’s Eggs and English Sparkling Wine

This little treat is entirely fit for the Easter weekend.  Home made scotch quails’ eggs using either sausage meat or potato are a taste sensation. If you time the cooking right the warm creamy egg yolk will pop into your mouth as you bite into it. Even if you air fry them you will have that lovely salt and fat combination that is a perfect match for the crisp freshness of English Sparkling Wine.  We’d recommend a refreshing Classic Cuvée with plenty of zest.

Honey French toast with baked apple and english sparkling wine for easter

Honeyed French toast with baked apple and English Sparkling Wine

Although eggy bread is most often associated with breakfast, we’re big fans of this at teatime, especially after a hearty walk.  The great thing about this dish is that it is quick, cheap and totally delicious. Soak your bread of choice in folded egg and milk. Fry in butter in a shallow pan and sprinkle with sugar. Top with baked apple, a drizzle of honey and a dash of warm cream. Serve with a glass of English Sparkling Wine. We’d recommend Blanc de Blancs or a Demi-Sec with baked apple undertones.

Final Thought

English and Welsh Sparkling Wines are local, sustainable and delicious, yet 99% of the wine we drink in the UK is still imported. Join our mailing list and sign up to the Marasby Club to help grow the 1%.

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