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8th May 2023

Lyme Bay Pinot Noir Rosé Reserve 2021

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Lyme Bay Pinot Noir Rosé 2021

Lyme Bay Pinot Noir Rosé Reserve 2021

Pour a glass of this pretty mid-pale pink rosé, and you can tell right away that Lyme Bay‘s Pinot Noir Rosé Reserve 2021 has been made to sit at the more serious, ‘foodie’ end of the rosé spectrum, certainly in comparison to the winery’s entry-level Shoreline.

This rosé is bursting with redcurrant and quince jelly fruit, yet it’s much weightier, silkier and more complex than a typical ‘chuck it in the ice bucket’ rosé, despite being from a cooler vintage. It’s made from 100% Crouch Valley-grown Pinot Noir, and whereas examples of Pinot Noir rosés I’ve tasted from other countries have been a little too opulent, with England’s naturally brisk acidity, it is beautifully balanced, succulent and moreish.

Lyme Bay’s Reserve Rosé could definitely sit on the list at a posh restaurant – and at £18.49 a bottle, could sit on your table for a special dinner too, without breaking the bank.