Local. Sustainable. Delicious.

Our Values

Local. Sustainable. Delicioius. These words mean very different things to different people. As we learn and improve, so our goals will evolve … here’s where we are at today …

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Our Values Marasby English Wine tasting room sign

Our Values


Our friend David at Dengate Farm in East Sussex says that local should only include things grown within 15 miles of his farm.  On the other hand, astrophysicists talk about our local solar system – and that’s quite a lot bigger. 

For us at Marasby, local means food and wine grown in the UK, as opposed to shipped over to us from thousands of miles away. That could change if the UK develops a greater focus on regionality, but for the time being, that seems like a good place to start.


Our Values


When we say sustainability the first thing people ask about is the environment. That is, of course, a primary consideration. As is paying people a fair wage, working within the community and investing back. We are aiming for growth with balance.

Crop production is, like locality, relative. In drought-prone California, sustainable winemaking has a key focus on water management. In England, damp is the more likely problem and spraying a crop to avoid losing it to mildew can be more of an issue. We ask all our suppliers to share their sustainability ethos with us and encourage them to adopt as a minimum the principles established under the Sustainable Wines of Great Britain Scheme.  Some of our producers already go well beyond this. 

From the outset we set up Marasby to pursue B Corp status and we will achieve it by 2024.

Our website is hosted on a 100% carbon neutral server and aims to be 100% carbon free by 2030.

Our business cards are 100% cotton paper made from recycled T shirts. The recycling process is generated by wind power.  



Our values Marasby scriracha chicken wings and Oxney rose

Our Values


We’re not here to tell you what you should eat. And we’re certainly not saying you should only ever eat and drink British.  We love olive oil and parmesan too! 

We are about championing the nutritious, diverse and delicious produce grown right here in the UK. If you love olive oil, try cold-pressed rapeseed oil. Or why not try Old Winchester instead of Parmesan? Maybe swap that bottle of Provence for an English Rosé or do a deep dive into English Sparkling Wine.   Once you start to look into it, you’ll be amazed by what you can make from locally sourced produce. Marasby co-founder, Simon, made sriracha from 100% English ingredients: it’s excellent on crispy chicken wings and bloody lovely with a glass of English Sparkling rosé.

We hope you’ll join us.