Launching September 2023:

Marasby Market

The UK is the world’s most exciting cool-climate wine region. Yet 99% of the wine we drink here is still imported.

Buy from Marasby Market, and help grow the 1%.

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What is Marasby Market?

Marasby Market, launching September 2023, will be a specialist, curated marketplace for English and Welsh wines.

We’ve built Marasby Market to allow you, the wine lover, to buy direct from the UK’s best winemakers.

It’s good for you. It’s good for winemakers. It’s good for the planet.

It’s good for you, because Marasby will make it easy to discover amazing English and Welsh wines in one place, and allow you to buy them direct from the winemaker, at the same price available at the vineyard gate.

It’s good for winemakers, because by connecting direct with you, they don’t have to give away so much of their earnings to middlemen.

It’s good for the planet, because by going direct to winemakers, you are buying more locally, and cutting out a whole load of wasted packaging and unnecessary distribution miles.

Marasby Market Early Adopters:

32 of England and Wales’ best winemakers have already signed up to join Marasby Market as early adopters, showcasing a diverse range of the UK’s best winemakers.

Some of these early adopters are amongst the largest English Sparkling Wine estates of Kent, Sussex and Hampshire. Some make the UK’s most critically-acclaimed still wines. Some produce just a few thousand bottles a year.

What all of Marasby’s early adopters have in common is an ethos of quality, sustainability and collaboration – working together to help grow the 1%.

Help Grow the 1%

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Ruth and Charles Simpson of Simpsons Wine Estate

Featured Early Adopter:

Simpsons Wine Estate

England has been described as “the world’s most exciting cool-climate region.” Yet, when leading Kent wine producers Ruth and Charles Simpson talk about England’s reputation for coolness, they’re referencing the word’s other meaning.

English wine is peng, pukka, and primo.

This description came from one of Simpson Wine Estate’s biggest export customers: the Norwegian government wine monopoly. Last November, a Simpsons wine tasting organised by the monopoly completely sold out, with many further hopeful attendees sitting on a waiting list. The previous week, a tasting of a top Italian wine had attracted just twelve guests. “It’s because English wine is cool,” explained the monopoly’s wine buyer.

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Featured Early Adopter:


Heard about Slow Food? It was a movement from in Italy in the 1980s that sought to return food and eating to its central position in European culture.

The movement railed against the commoditisation of food as simply fuel to be taken on board as quickly and cheaply as possible. Instead, it centred on eating as one of life’s great pleasures, a vital opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family.

At Artelium Wine Estate in East Sussex, they have adopted the same ethos, except here it’s all about slowing down wine: encouraging people to relax, spend time with their wines, and really enjoy the experience. After all, wine too has played a central role in European culture for thousands of years. It’s more than simply a drink to quench one’s thirst.

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Artelium Wine Estate Julie Bretland with Simon Huntington and Talya Roberson of Marasby
Chris Wilson of Gutter & Stars winery

Featured Early Adopter:

Gutter & Stars

If you look at the marks being handed down by Tamlyn Currin of, you’ll notice that several of England’s best-rated still wines are being made by a very new winery located in the tiny, low-ceilinged basement of a decommissioned windmill in suburban Cambridge.

Gutter & Stars is this winery, and it’s the startup project of one person working all by themselves – an ex-music, sport and wine journalist named Chris Wilson. The winery hadn’t made wines before 2020, yet from this inaugural vintage came two that rank amongst England’s highest rated: 17 points for Gutter & Stars’ 2020 Hope Is A Good Swimmer Pinot Noir and 17.5 for Daylight Upon Magic Chardonnay.

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