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If you want to buy English rosé wine, then you’ll find Marasby Market has the widest selection of English rosé wines available to buy direct from England’s best winemakers, at the same prices available at the vineyard gate.

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The Best English Rosé Wines

While England has become best known for its world-class sparkling wines, there are now some really great English rosé wines being made too. The majority of these wines are being made in the Provence style. By that we mean pale pink, crisp, mineral wines. Super drinkable and very versatile.

There are also a handful of producers making more gastromic English rosé wines. These tend to be a darker shade of pink and more complex. They are a great alternative to the Provence style and make a wonderful and unique food and wine pairing.

Marasby has 40 of England’s best winemakers listing their white wines on Marasby Market, and all these are available to buy direct at vineyard gate prices.

Why Buy English Rosé Wine on Marasby Market?

Choosing to buy English rosé wine on Marasby, direct from the winemaker, means that you are guaranteed the fairest price on the wines you buy, and by selling direct to you, winemakers don’t have to give away most of their earnings to middlemen.

Most importantly from a sustainability point of view, buying English rosé wine direct cuts down on unnecessary packaging and delivery miles – so Marasby is better for you, better for producers, and better for the planet.

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Best English Rosé Wines

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