English red wines to try this winter

English Red Wines For Winter

5 English Red Wines To Warm You Up This Winter

We’ve selected five English red wines to try this winter to kick start the year British Delicious style. Our list is made up of 5 different wines from some of the most exciting UK wine producers.  And whilst English Pinot Noir is without doubt the King of English Reds, it’s not the only option.

Join us and embrace the weather with a hearty walk followed by a glass of English red by the fire.

1 Meophams Union Red  N/V.

Union Red is made in Kent by Surinder Basi and his family. It makes our list of 5 English red wines to try this winter because it’s one of the most affordable and accessible wines in the UK. It’s been specifically blended to appeal to a new generation of wine drinkers. Surinder describes these as people who are more comfortable in an Ibiza beach bar than a wine merchant. Unlike most English vineyards, at Meophams, their still red wines are their most popular.

Taste: Light bodied, juicy, full of flavour and highly aromatic with a hint of warming oak on the finish.

Price: Meophams Union Red £14.50

5 red wines to try this winter Director Surinder Basi with Meophams Union Red
Meopham’s Director Surinder Bassi with a bottle of Union Red on Millennium Bridge.

2 Yotes Court Pinot Noir Reserve 2022

Yotes Court Starter’s Orders 2020 is the estate’s reserve Pinot Noir wine, made from a selection of the ripest fruit grown in their spectacular Kent vineyard.  With a background in horse racing all their wines are names after racing terms.  Yotes Court has built a fine reputation for still white wine. This is their first red and it’s a welcome addition to their stable of wines. Read Marasby co-founder Simon Huntington’s profile of Yotes Court Vineyard. 

Taste: Bursting with ripe cherry fruit, well balanced by hints of cloves, cinnamon, cigar box and toasty vanilla, this is a beautifully Burgundian-style red.

Price: Starter’s Orders Pinot Noir 2022 £24

Lyme bay Pinot Noir

3 Lyme Bay Pinot Noir 2021 An Essex Pinot Noir For Winter.

Lyme Bay Pinot Noir 2021 is a sensationally ripe, silky, sappy Pinot Noir, made with grapes from Essex vineyards.  bursting with dark cherries, brambles, and exotic spices. 2021 was a cooler vintage, but an extended growing season and exceptional Essex-sourced fruit make this one of England’s best Pinot Noirs.

Taste: Bursting with dark cherries, brambles, and exotic spices. 2021 was a cooler vintage, but an extended growing season and exceptional Essex-sourced fruit make this one of England’s best Pinot Noirs.

Price: Lyme Bay Pinot Noir 2021 £29.99

4 Martins Lane Pinot Noir Précoce 2020

Martins Lane Vineyards were established as a partnership back in 2008.  The vines, which are situated in the River Crouch estuary in Essex, consistently produce excellent quality fruit. Consequently they  supply many top UK producers with grapes. And following their huge success, they now make wine under their own label. They are still under the radar as wine producers, but not for long.

Pinot Précoce is early ripening Pinot Noir and bears many of the same characteristics.

Taste: Bright cherry and blueberry matched perfectly to flavours of spice and dried cranberry. Lovely long finish.

5 English red wines for winter Martins Lane Pinot Precoce

5 Oastbrook Pinot Noir 2021 A Class English Pinot Noir To Try This Winter.

This Sussex wine is ripe, intense, and terroir-driven, with notes of summer red berries, spicy citrus and silky-smooth buttered toast. Whilst still young, it can be enjoyed now very lightly chilled, or tucked away in the cellar for at least 2-3 years.It’s estate grown and bottled in the beautiful East Sussex countryside. Read Oastbrook founders Nick and America’s winery profile to discover how they’re combining tradition and innovation.

Taste: summer fruits balanced by notes of orange peel and spices, with a hint of warm vanilla toast and cream caramel, with a long finish.  Great with mushroom based dishes.

Price: Oastbrook Pinot Noir 2021 £32


And finally …

At the time of writing all our English red wines to try this winter are available to buy. But many English reds are made in very small quanities – some producers are making just 500 bottles a year. So, if you find a wine you like, snap it up while you can.

Here’s a thought: only 1% of the wine we drink is from England

In England we drink on average 100 bottles a year per person. And 99% of the wine we’re drinking is imported. But why is that? England is the most exciting cool climate wine making region in the world.   Join our mailing list and get the inside track on the most exciting wines being made in the UK today and join the 1%.



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