The best vineyards to visit near Oxford

The Best Vineyards Near Oxford

Discover the best vineyards near Oxford with our quick-read guide.

 If you’re in Oxford for the day and fancy a change from the city’s dreaming spires and collegiate atmosphere, why not visit one of the best vineyards near Oxford? The Oxfordshire countryside has one of the best climates in the UK for grape growing and a fast-developing vineyard scene.

Visiting Oxford

It’s hard to talk about Oxford without mentioning the internationally renowned Oxford University – the second oldest university in the world at 922 years, responsible for educating 27 British prime ministers. However, the town also boasts the oldest botanical gardens in the UK, and a fantastic museum of natural history.

But don’t miss out on enjoying the surroundings of Oxford too. Many of the county’s best vineyards can be found within just a few miles of the city, and each will give you a superb vinous experience to add to your Oxford visit.

Four of the Best Vineyards Near Oxford

Brightwell Vineyard

Found just 8 miles south of Oxford, Brightwell is located in one of the driest and warmest regions of the UK, making it perfect for wine production. Proud owner and ex-pilot Bob has a passion to prove that top-quality red wines can be made in England, which has led to the creation of an excellent Pinot Noir along with award-winning Chardonnay.

These award-winning wines can be enjoyed during one of the available tours or tastings in the scenic countryside surrounding Oxford.

Visit Brightwell Vineyard

Sunnyhill Vineyard

The owners of Sunnyhill Vineyard bring with them a history of Albanian family winemaking and an exciting new set of experiences to the English wine scene. Focusing on the traditional Champagne trio of grapes, Sunnyhill creates a range of traditional method sparkling wines, all of which are organic.

Alongside their range of wines, Sunny Hill also makes cider, which can be enjoyed on one of their regular wine and cider tours.

Visit Sunnyhill Vineyard

Chiltern Valley Brewery and Winery

With a vineyard initially planted in 1982 close to a tributary of the river Thames, Chiltern Valley Brewery and Winery makes a range of award-winning wines and independent ales all on-site. The farm has developed an enviable culture of local produce, with a shop selling their own wines and beers alongside local cheeses, liquors and pâte.

Tours and tastings are also available for those looking to learn a little more about the wine-making process and why not cap all that off with an overnight stay in the onsite B&B accommodation?

Visit Chiltern Valley Brewery and Winery

Freedom of the Press

Freedom of the press is a small urban winery near Oxford, which produces outstanding wine using some of the best grapes that the UK has to offer.

Sourcing the majority of their grapes from top quality growers in Essex, the Freedom of the Press winemakers make small batch wines with unique character. For those looking to see more of what Freedom of the press has to offer, there are regular opportunities for tours and tasting sessions.

Visit Freedom of the Press

Join the 1%

The region around Oxford has one of the UK’s best climates for growing grapes, yet the county’s wine scene hasn’t developed as quickly as some of the counties in the south-east. However, there are several award-winning vineyards you can visit just a few miles from the city, and a tour and tasting can be a brilliant day trip from the city.

Despite the excellent wines being made near Oxford and elsewhere in England and Wales, 99% of the wine we drink in the UK is still imported. Become a member of The Marasby Club to join the 1% leaning into local, sustainable and delicious English wine.

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