October seasonal British produce roasted butternut squash with garlic and herbs

October British Seasonal Food and Wine Pairing

It’s time to get stuck into one of the tastiest months of the year.

October British seasonal food and wine pairing is an absolute joy. For a start there is so much flexibility that if you are into meat, fish or plant based dishes there is something delicious to eat. That’s partly because we are on the cusp of seasons and all the food is fresh out of the ground or off the tree. You get wonderful autumnal flavours. The sweetness of apples, squash and beetroots. There are umami undertones from mushrooms and truffles. And bitter notes of Cavolo Nero cabbage and rainbow chard.  And there is still so much “summer seasonal” British produce around such as berries, aubergines, peppers, courgettes and tomatoes. There’s also wonderful home grown garlic. Yes, delicious wet English garlic. It has such a short season and if you are lucky enough to get your hands on it, put some in the freezer for later. Note you will only find this in geniune farm shops and farmers’ markets.  October is also a great month for game and seafood.  So get cracking and make yourself a delcious night in with October British seasonal food and wine pairing.

October British seasonal produce basket of apples

October British Seasonal Food And Wine Pairings

English Pinot Noir and October British Seasonal Produce.

The earthy, forest floor notes of English Pinot Noir make a great companion for October seasonal dishes.  There’s a bit of variety in flavour profile, read our tasting notes of 12 of the best English Pinot Noir to find the style you like.

  • Meat dishes, especially duck and pheasant with a plum or berry sauce
  • Mushroom rich dishes with or without meat
  • Roasted autumn vegetables. Dishes with fermented garlic
  • Meatier fish like Monkfish

Woodland mushroom risotto made from naked oats

English Chardonnay and October British Seasonal Produce.

Whatever your preferred style, crisp and fresh or rich and oaked, October is great month for English seasonal food and wine paring. To learn more English Chardonnay read here.

  • Creamy mushroom dishes
  • Cheese rich dishes such as flans and cauliflower cheese
  • Mussels, crab, clam

Plate of oysters british october seasonal produce

English Sparkling Wine with October British Seasonal Produce.

  • Crispy chicken with Jerusalem artichoke
  • Breaded pollock and home made fries
  • It’s the start of wild oyster season … time to indulge.

October British seasonal food and wine pairing does take some imagination and effort. But there is world class wine right here on your doorstep. For the most diverse produce and the more exciting English and Welsh wines you need to go beyond the supermarkets.  Marasby Market has an outstanding selection of English and Welsh wine to buy direct from the vineyard at same price as available at the vineyard.

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