English padrons for a simple dish to pair with English rosé

22 Dishes To Pair With English Rosé

Because English rosé and seasonal food are a partnership made in heaven.

Find the right dishes to pair with English rosé and you’ve a simple, seasonal sensation for outdoor dining. That’s because nothing says summer like a glass of English rosé.  A pale, crisp Provence style English rosé with lunch in the dappled shade. Or perhaps a copper pink glass of English Pinot rosé with pasta in the early evening sun. Whatever your preferred style English rosé and “summer” foods are a match made in heaven. We’ve picked 22 different dishes to pair with English rosé.  All of them are possible to create with entirely UK seasonal produce.   See our knowledge section for a month by month seasonal British produce guide.

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Dishes To Pair With English Rosé: 4 tips

  • Summer seasonal produce such as salads, fresh summer vegetables and summer fruits make a great pairing for English rosé, especially those on the paler side.
  • Grilled white meats, fish and shellfish are delicious with all English rosé.
  • Delicately flavoured English cheese and English rosé makes a great aperitif.
  • Avoid heavy red meat dishes, strong cheeses, spicy curries and creamy sauces.

22 Dishes To Pair With English Rosé

grilled English aubergine for dishes to pair with English rosé


Grilled and drizzled with a little honey and garnished with fresh thyme.  You can buy English aubergine from May to  October in most supermarkets and farmshops.


Grilled or marinated. Boiled artichoke can be a little too vegetal and would be better with a glass of English Bacchus. Artichoke is in season from June, but you may need to shop around to find English grown.

Brie: One Of Best Cheeses For Dishes To Pair With English Rosé.

There is lots of wonderful English Brie available these days. Try a gentler Somerset brie that is just oozing, but not too ripe.

5 of the best British charcuterie companies to try


Lean into the amazing English charcuterie scene. Plates of coppa, bresaola or ham are all great dishes to pair with English rosé. Discover five English charcuterie companies to try.

Chicken: One Of The Most Flexible Meats For Dishes To Pair With English Rosé.

Grilled or thinly sliced cold roast chicken. Breaded chicken cooked in the airfryer is a wonderful dish to pair with English rosé.


The delicate flavours work well: best lightly cooked and not too oily. If you are growing them yourself stuff the flowers with ricotta and herbs.


Dressed or in a salad.

Crudites: One Of The Simplest Dishes To Pair With English Rosé.

St Tropez tables often have dishes of raw vegetables as a centre piece. Get the Provence vibe with seasonal British vegetables and serve with a delicate dip.

Goats’ Cheese:

Young, herbed delicate cheeses pair well with English rosé.  Try Ticklemore from South Devon or Ragstone from the Trethowan Brothers.

June seasonal British produce bbq lamb chop


French trimmed chops cooked rare with summer vegetables is a perfect dish for English rosé.


Cold lentil salad with finely chopped vegetables and lots of parsley and mint. Warm, wintery lentil dishes will be too heavy for English rosé.  You can buy English grown lentils from Hodemedods.

Moroccan Style dishes:

The delicately spiced flavours of these dishes are great with a crisp Provence style English rosé. You can buy English chickpeas and couscous from Hodemedods.

English padrons for a simple dish to pair with English rosé

Padron peppers:

Salty, lightly oiled and a little bit spicy. They are a simple and delicious dish to pair with English rosé.


May seasonal British produce asparagus and pea English made pasta

Pasta with peas, spring vegetables and plenty of basil. Try Carleschi for an English produced pasta. Avoid rich heavy sauces, especially if pairing with a pale English rosé.


English rosé pairs well with a grilled chop.  Or serve cold slices of roast pork with plenty of fresh herbs.


Grilled or pre-cooked and served with a light mayonnaise dip.

summer salad dish to pair with English rose


This is a classic pairing with rosé, but the tastiest radishes don’t grow in the UK until early autumn. They work best as part of a crudité plate.

Salad: One Of The Most Versatile Dishes To Pair With English Rosé.

Summer salads are an ideal dish for English rosé. Add grilled chicken and shavings of old Winchester. Also try edible flowers and nasturtium leaves for a touch of drama.


Poached is perfect, although smoked salmon can also work well. Smoked trout with fresh dill is another great dish for English rosé.

Hampshire smoked trout with garden dill


July sees the arrival of sardines in Cornish waters. Grill and serve on a super thin toasted slice of good bread.

Sea bass:

Sea bass can be found most of the year in some part of the UK, but summer is one of the peak seasons. Serve delicately roasted with herbs. Delicious stuffed with fennel which comes into season in the UK in the summer months.

Spring rolls: With Or Without Meat For A Globally Inspired, Locally Grown Dish To Pair With English Rosé.

Vietnamese style with plenty of fresh herbs and delicate spices.

strawberry and tomato salad June seasonal British produce


Raw or try them grilled for something totally unique. Also great with a strawberry salsa and homemade nachos.

Tomatoes: Sundried Or Raw Are Perfect For Dishes To Pair With English Rosé

The summer is a brilliant time to buy English grown tomatoes. Heritage tomatoes are generally available from July.  Make a tomato party salad with plenty of basil. Add mozzarella. Try Buffalicious, British Buffalo Mozzerella which is handmade in Somerset.

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